A long wait Day 2 | Neva plan much in advance.

Finally gathered myself out of laziness., but wasted a lot of time!

“Hello., Annaaaaa….”, she extended to make an excuse!! I waited for Sunil for a long time, then we had a cup of coffee and left the place.

Today, surprisingly he joined the practice. He came jogging and myself cycling. My Phone charge was very low, so couldn’t note my distance properly! But it is more than yesterday!!


Today a pause in between. 1.93+1.07 kms – Slow Cycling – [Lack Of Information due to the improper mobile condition.] The tired pic of mine is what I have today. Planning to make a better collection of Images where I go and what I see.

I’m late to the room now, just 20 mins to start my work!! The most excitiing GR Chat Module!.

Neva plan much in advance. There is a lot of possibility to just go off track!

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