Encouraged on Day 3 : Extended the Cycles

Yes., the cycles.

“Anna., I’m going for cycling everyday and blogging on it daily.”

“Wow! Super!! How much distance do you cover?”

I proudly said, “2 kms”. “Ada., just 2 kms? IN case of cycling, keep minimum of 10 kms are the threshold.”, he said with a laugh!

Haha., yess!! A big bulb! OK! I took a breath and agreed to take up 10 for this day.

After the Car scenes, with the greased hands, I had to gain some energy and get back to start the cycling.


Walked with HD from Java to Railway station., began my Cycling after having a Coconut there. Planned for a min of 4+4 kms today!

On the way back-2!

Coverage on the Map:

So, as you saw, I was able to cover 8.91 km. Tomorrow’s target is, 10 kms. Let’s see! 🙂

There are a few people, whom you can spend your time, no matter how busy you are! :*

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