Day 8 – Early Morning Sprint

Morning!! Pleasant and beautiful breeze with the Sun peeping out, the best air to breath, I started my pedalling. Saw the people, the kids, the dogs and the cats. Haha., yes one of them was a Black cat and it crossed the road! Still the day is a success.

Sprint! Seriously, the fastest cycling was this morning. Covered almost 7 Kms in 25 mins. [17.5Km/hr]

Reached the Vandaloor Bypass Bridge and had a cup of tea and a suda suda ulundha vadai, my favourite. Played with the puppies in the shop and clicked a few pics. I managed to keep my face normal and clicked a selfie.

I had taken just 25 mins to reach 7 Kms. I was really motivated. I saw my champ, standing with pride!


Then started the trip back to SRM, Avg Speed was more this time, as I came with the flow of the Traffic. When the school kids stand with their cycle and admire your champ, it is the best incitement, which induces the spirit within us. When the college girls look at my Champ and gradually tune towards my face, automatically my eyes gets undeviated and lips get shrunk and the right eye brow goes high. The above reaction was a mask to refract my Focus. 

Reached back to Abode. I saw, 16.91 Kms. This day started the best! No sleep., still I expected to manage it. But I couldn’t control it.  I took a bath and slept off. Then got back to this world by 4:00 PM. Still motivated and focused. Now into drafting the paper for my Review! 😐

When your day starts Good the rest will be obviously Awesome, no matter what crosses your way!!

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